The Modern Brahmacharya.

"I cleaned out my closet," my yoga teacher said. "There's space, again, for the hangers to move." 

"It's a good feeling," I echo. Legs tucked up underneath me on couch, I glance around the house. Cozy. Warm. Inviting.


Brahmacharya, once only interpreted as celibacy, is our last yama to talk about. Brahma=truth. And charya=course of conduct. Restraint with the idea that, if we control our desire, our life force, then it can be re-channeled back into our practice.

Now, however, a broader, more modern interpretation has settled into yoga practice. Moderation. Careful evaluation of how (and when) we approach and use all of our senses. A way to deepen our growth and enrichment. Become more spiritual.

Though many yogis may disagree, to me, brahmacharya is also about the amount of things we possess. Moderation of ownership. It is finding that sweet spot where purpose and value settle into nothing more--or less--than enough. Creating an environment free from material excess, which can deplete and exhaust the soul.

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