Five Songs to Deepen Savasana.

yoga: savasana

Ahhhh, savasana. 

The easiest and hardest yoga asana to do. But it is like dessert, yes? Topping off the end of class. Cultivating stillness. Offering the body a way to release the muscles. Allowing the nervous system to integrate the day's practice.

Laying down on the back with the eyes closed, arms slightly away from the body, palms facing the sky, savasana is physically accessible to almost everyone. But mentally and emotionally...savasana presents challenges. 

Students are used to moving into asana and through vinyasa – but invite them into savasana's motionless-ness and there it is. Eyes peeking open. Fidgeting. 


Even so, savasana is my favorite asana to lead. The opportunities to help students quiet their minds is a privilege and honor...and the ways to get there are beautiful and rife with meaningful cues and language.

Though welcomed by many advanced practitioners, savasana in silence rarely serves beginning and intermediate students. Music lends purpose to savasana. It grounds it. Fills part of what seems like a vast stretch of time that these yogis are still discovering and weighing the value of.

Finding music that's right for savasana can be tough. As difficult, even, as helping new students connect with the posture's sweetness. After trial, error and searching far and wide, here are five songs that have found their way onto my playlist lately – and into my and my students' hearts.  

Five songs to deepen savasana:
(Let them play more than once!) 
  • River Flows in You (Yiruma)
  • Suni-ai (Slow) by Snatam Kaur
  • Om by Jane Winther
  • Dedication-Center & Calm the Mind- Aad Guray Nameh by SatKirin Kaur Khalsa
  • Opening the Gates by Drala  

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