Usually softly spoken at the end of yoga class. Maybe even the beginning. Hands in prayer, placed between the brows, the third eye, or at the heart center, where love flows.

Respect. Reverence. Sacredness, passed down from an ancient Indian greeting.

Namaste. I bow to you.

Ever so more beautiful, though, than this literal translation, are the meanings gleaned from far deeper interpretations. 

I greet the place where you and I are one. 
The divinity within me salutes the divinity within you.
My soul acknowledges your soul.

Or, my favorite: The light within me sees the light within you. An understanding and acceptance of the unique threads that run through all of us, and, at the same time, of the even stronger fibers that connect us. 

A thank you, I suppose you could say. Yes, for coming to class and sharing your practice. But mostly, for just being you.


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