What Is the Third Eye?

An eye that sees everything. (But not in a creepy way.)

The third eye – or mind's eye, as I like to think of it – is one of seven chakras, or energy wheels, that sit along the body's center. Also called the ajna chakra, this one fits in the small space between your brows or at the bridge of your nose and offers intuit, insights and wisdom about life and the world around you. Just like this blog. 

One way to familiarize yourself with chakras is to sit cross-legged on the floor, and visualize energy checkpoints from the tailbone through the crown of the head. In a perfect world, as energy flows through the body it should move freely, passing through each one.

Blocked energy at one of the chakras, or checkpoints, is common in today's busy and stressful world. Blocked energy has physical manifestations, which are often uneasiness and disease – or the feeling that something's not quite right in the body. By tuning in to what those feelings are, it's possible to determine what chakra is blocked or needs rebalancing.

The 7 Chakras Are:

Sahasrara: Crown of Head
Ajna: Between Eyebrows
Vishuddha: Base of Throat
Anahata: Heart Center
Manipura: Navel
Svadisthana: Sacrum
Muladara: Tailbone

Image from Wikepidia.com

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